Additional Services

Elite Pro Home Cleaning knows your time is valuable.

Do your kitchen cabinets need cleaning? How about that oven or refrigerator? What about your cabinets, laundry, or sheets? In addition to your regular house cleaning, we offer additional services to make your life easier.

Did you know we provide these services?

      • Oven cleaning
      • Dishwasher emptying
      • Dishwashing (full sink)
      • Refrigerator cleaning (empty/full)
      • Medicine cabinet cleaning (empty & wipe shelves)
      • Cabinets and drawers – cleaning inside (standard kitchen)*
      • Sheets changed (per bed)
      • Laundry folding (per basket)
      • Trash taken away (per bag)
      • Garage sweeping (per 2 car garage)
      • Front porch sweeping (including wipe down of lights and gate)

                               *Contact us for more details

Contact us to add any of these Additional Services!