Akin to its neighboring city, Redwood City is a community that offers great variety in housing, employment, recreation, entertainment, education, and City services. This current place was famous and so being learned as “Climate Best by Government Test”. This is based on a climatological survey conducted by the United States and German governments prior to World War I. The area centered on Redwood City tied for the world’s best climate with the Canary Islands and North Africa’s Mediterranean Coast. Together with other cities, Redwood City has also warm, dry summers and cool, relatively wet winter’s weather.

Climate Redwood City – California

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Average high in °F: 58 62 65 69 74 79
Average low in °F: 40 43 45 46 50 53
Av. precipitation in inch: 4.02 3.98 3.15 1.14 0.47 0.12
Days with precipitation:
Hours of sunshine:
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average high in °F: 81 81 80 74 65 58
Average low in °F: 55 56 54 50 44 40
Av. precipitation in inch: 0.04 0.04 0.16 1.06 2.36 3.86
Days with precipitation:
Hours of sunshine:

Redwood City weather averages

Annual high temperature: 70.5°F
Annual low temperature: 48°F
Average temperature: 59.25°F
Average annual precipitation – rainfall: 20.4 inch